I luv uDiligence is described as conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task, giving the degree of care required in a given situation. Also as a persevering determination to perform a task. Working with diligence is all about putting our best efforts at accomplishing our tasks with excellence.

Diligence is not so much about hard work but it is about smart, intelligent, disciplined and determined work. “We must be careful not to exalt any kind of hard work”. The word hard means difficult to accomplish, to understand or deal with and manage. It also refers to problematic situations.

Hard is a term that is biblically used to describe people who violate God’s command (proverbs 13:15).

God’s plan for his people doesn’t require hard work but it certainly does require diligent work. Diligence required for us to obtain and sustain the life of God’s abundant blessings. Lazy people will not be partakers of the great days.

Diligence also carries the idea of careful planning as opposed to hasty and impatient decisions and activity (proverbs 21:5).

——— Dr. Andy Osakwe ———-


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